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TPEs vs. Silicones for Portable Speakers

Across dozens of industries and in countless applications, product designers and manufacturers have turned to thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) to replace natural rubber. As suppliers of these materials continue to develop innovations in chemistry and capabilities, the appeal of both TPEs and LSR will grow even stronger.


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How will these synthetic rubber materials work in your application?

For portable speaker designers, choosing between TPEs and LSR means evaluating a wide array of material performance and processing factors in context of product specification and budget requirements. The ultimate goal is to achieve the results you want in the most cost-effective manner by using the material that is best suited to your application. This high-level, objective look at both TPEs and LSR touches on some key topics to consider in three critical categories—design, production and performance—to help you make a more informed decision.

Sustainable Automotive Light-Weighting

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  • Protection and durability differences
  • Performance and processing comparison
  • Pros and cons of each material
  • Suggested applications
  • Design, production and cost considerations

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